[] Continuous World Gameplay Bugs

First of all, loving the new feature! :+1:
Couple of small bugs I noticed.
The server title would have the title of the previous map you played. (Not sure if this always happens)


The steam overlay would say that the player is on the last level of the first map they played when travelling to new maps via map voting.

Also, minor suggestion; I’d prefer it if the voting happened after everyone voted instead of everyone waiting for the time to tick down, like when players are customizing their kart or golf ball.


This is known, it’s not considered a bug, but we should look into a way to change it based on the map, depending on if you changed the map name to begin with.

This was mentioned internally, but the flip side is allowing users time to change their mind before the counter is up, instead of having to stick with their first choice and not being able to change it.

This would make sense, as the game hasn’t been notified of a new status change until the first level. Thanks for letting us know!


Also, I’ve noticed that the roulette isn’t random. If you don’t vote, you’ll always end up on Sunrise Isles. (In accelerate) If 2 people vote, it’ll always stop on the 2nd player. Either that or some incredibly unlikely odds.

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