[] Condo Collision[?] Problem with Ice Rink?

I am really new to condos, but I am told this is not normal. Not sure if this is a “me” issue or a problem (or even if it is reported and/or known).

First: Thank you for fixing the ice rink so that I don’t have to have a sliding canvas. This will make the original Ice VolleSocceBaskeHockeyBall Arena easier to load for people.

Second: I’m not sure how I got it to line up before but I couldn’t get the rink to match the leveling that the canvas did at 0x-0y orienting.

When I drop items on the ice rink, they are not lining up with the rink and where they are landing it is randomly higher or lower.

Here is another view if that helps

(The pucks on the punching bag are to keep the punching bag still on my screen but they don’t help on someone else’s screen lol)

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To add to this- it’s not super noticeable at the default size, though items still do float above it.
Z Scale 1

It becomes a lot more apparent when you increase the Z scale for it however.
Z Scale 78

Yes, I forgot to add the dimensions of the rink. I needed taller walls so that the balls wouldn’t fly out. The pucks still fly straight through the walls and floor, though.

For some reason, even though the item was locked it let me move “the rink” and now the ice is separate from the rink?