[] Jetpack movement with Ctrl doesn't seem to work properly in other's condos

The jetpack movement mode when you’re holding control seems to work find in the plaza and in condo when you’re the host, however in other peoples condos it seems to just go forward.

This video shows how this affects something like looking straight down when holding Space+Ctrl in a condo hosted by you, a plaza server, and a condo hosted by someone else.


Nice find!

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Hey, I’d like to necro this and just ask if this has ever been looked into?

I primarily make condos that are just pretty to look at & vibe in, so the act of just aimlessly flying around being hampered for guests has been a bummer for almost two years now. I specifically remember it used to work fine at least as late 2019.

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Pardon the double-reply necro, but after messing around today I just remebered a (now fixed) bug in the past had extremely similar behavior.

A long time ago, condo hosts used to not be able to see connecting players looking up and down, with the angle of their head firmly locked on the Z-axis. This also carried over to the direction they appeared to be aiming their weapons.

I bring this up because, while you can thrust your jetpack in another players condo, it only pushes you along the X & Y axis; up & down are a no-go. To my understanding, thrusting is based on the direction your character is looking. Just thought this might be related, hope it helps.

This should be improved now in the upcoming update.


Does appear to be fixed in the beta, thanks!