[] First chat message appears as event announcement

Sometimes the first text chat message you receive after starting the game will be printed as if it were an event announcement - instead of being credited to a player and having white text, the message will have yellow text and will not say who sent it. The amount of time that passes between connecting and receiving the bugged message does not matter; it took around five minutes before it occurred in the screenshot below:

I think this only happens if you receive the first message on a Plaza server (which would make sense, since events only happen there), but I’m not completely sure.


From my experience, it’s not necessarily the first chat message, nor is it exclusive to plaza servers. It applies to any chat message sent while the game has entered the map, but before the map is fully loaded (i.e. you can move the character and camera). It’s particularly noticeable in condos, due to item counts.


Strictly due and owing to the amount of Virus I play, I only see this in Virus.


I’ve been seeing this more and more in Plaza, if it’s anything, when I first join.

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If your game can’t find the user who sent the message (which can happen when you first join), then it’ll default to an announcement message.

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A solution to that would be to suppress chat messages until the client has received information on players currently connected to the server

I don’t think it’s a big deal now that we know what it is. Trying to add another client to figure out when it’s “fully” loaded might delay other stuff. Two additional seconds of not knowing who said what isn’t more than a nitpick, imho.