[] Fish falling out of aquarium on the Resort condo

So yeah, I’ll admit it, this isn’t a big issue but well… a bug’s a bug, right?
Anyways onto the point: as you may or may not know, you can put fish into the aquarium on the Resort condo in the lobby which looks kinda neat but they can, for some ungodly reason, swim through the glass and out of the aquarium.
When they do this they end up outside of the aquarium and on the floor, going back to their jumping animation rather than the swimming one.

Again, this is not anything game-breaking but due to my OCD, it makes me not want to put fish into it despite how cool it will look.

P.S. I apologize for any spelling mistakes, it is currently 5:17 AM while I am writing this and I am therefore incredibly tired.


This is still a thing. I thought it was a capacity issue but it turns out that they’re just slowly working their way out.