[] Certain Sweet Tooth holes are literally unplayable

Alright. Most of the holes I’m going to list can launch you out of the map, except hole 16 (you can get stuck on it instead). Other maps that won’t kill you still feel very unpleasant to play because of the boosters. I was playing on a server hosted by my friend (@hammy) and the ping/performance wasn’t all that great, which might have added to the issue.

Hole 12, the booster can send you through this wall

Hole 14, same issue

Hole 15. This one won’t clip you through hitboxes, but you’ll end up flying out of the map anyway.

Hole 16. You can get stuck here. The game might allow you to shoot if you’re lucky, but that’s not always the case.

Hole 17. More boosters sending you through solid ground.

Bonus meme for my boys


Thank you for posting specific bugs. An update will be going out as soon as possible that will fix as many of them as possible.

Thanks for playing!

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I want to add on to this by saying that, some of these problems aren’t caused soley by the map itself.

Because of the way the physics engine in Unreal works, the host’s computer and network play a big part in how physics are calculated. When you get someone hosting whose hardware isn’t pushing 60+ frames (or stable frame rates in general AKA constantly jumping all over the place) or their network is buggy, you’ll start to run into issues with physics calculations.

Having played this map extensively solo and in multiplayer, I can make this conclusion. It’s a deeper issue with Minigolf itself, but because of the extreme curves and loops added on to the very frequent use of boosters, it comes to light in this map specifically.

This is an issue internally we’re working on fixing, and this should also elevate some of the issues with Sweet Tooth. This isn’t meant to discount all complaints about the map, but to give a broader context.

@Zak or @Foohy if I missed something here or got it terribly wrong feel free to berate me.

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