[] Few Small Bugs I've Encountered

  1. I noticed the jet pack spawn a random trail that comes off the back of the jetback. The trail will appear on the left or right side and sometimes on both sides.

  2. When in a condo that is fairly built, fog machines cause a significant frame drop while in the fog.

  3. Projectors cause frame drops when turned on in largely built condos, even when you’re nowhere near the projector.

CPU: i5-6600k
GPU: GTX 970

In the future, please make a new topic per bug. Makes it easier for us to track.

The jetpack effect is thanks to a bug with Unreal’s particle system that was introduced when we moved to 4.11. We’re going to be upgrading our version number soon and hopefully that issue will go away.

Fog machines will always lower FPS as they are pretty demanding particle wise.

Projectors will always lower FPS as they draw real-time shadows. We could allow you to turn that off, or you can lower the shadow quality in settings.

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