[] My computer WLAN stops working when people join my condo

This is a very very odd bug that I reiterated multiple times to be sure what was causing it.

When people join my condo, my pc WLAN just freezes, and I have to manually reboot it through “services” in Windows.

Here is few of my specs if ever needed:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz

RAM: 6Gb

Windows 7

In my opinion this looks more like a problem with your PC rather than the game. My hypothesis would be that your NIC stops responding once it has to upload too much bandwidth to the other connected players on your server. As to what causes this to break WLAN would be interesting to find out.

Couple of things I’m curious about, how many people have to join until it stops working? Did this start happening just after the update? No changes have been made to the PC at the same time like system configurations of any kind, or any recent Windows 7 updates/drivers?

It can hapens with only a single person joining. It can takes a minute, or a good 10 minutes before my WLAN stops responding.


Absolutely none.

Strange. If you open up Event Viewer on Windows, can you find any errors that pinpoint to the time when WLAN stops working? I am not exactly sure if Windows event logs will show anything useful, but it might show something about the WLAN service if you’re lucky.

No, there’s nothing in Event Viewer… it just logs the rebooting of my WLAN…

Maybe that bug is linked with the current canvas issue,

like you said, my NIC might be uploading too much stuff about canvas images to the other client at a too high speed, which results in a WLAN freeze.

That’s just an hypothesis though…

The bug with the canvas would not cause this issue. The canvas before that patch would have already caused it, if that was the issue.

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