[] Gameworld Ports floor glitch

The stairs and tiles following the stairs at each game type in the game room can occasionally cause the playermodel to move on its own. You can replicate this by walking onto one of the stairs towards a game in the game room, or one under construction, and stop walking. This often causes the model to continue moving on its own for a period of time. You can also stop on the bricks at the top of the stairs and the same movement will occur. I tested around the rest of the game room and the lobby as well, with the rest of the game room area such as the tiles and glass doing the bug at very low frequencies and the lobby not doing it at all.

Could possibly be related to this: [] (Submitted by Weeaboo Chan) Weird Ice Sliding Glitch

Apparently, you can’t quote locked threads, so screencap instead:

Ah, possibly. I tried doing some searching before posting but I just wasn’t getting the right keywords in the search I guess. This wasn’t anything major anyway, just something I noticed. Thanks!

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