[] Canvas images change locations

Happens sometimes when you enter your condo.

it can be fixed if you reload the condo by using the save

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Those pirates are getting pretty creative nowadays



Eeek… does this only happen when loading into a condo (as opposed to loading a condo snapshot?). If you load in and it’s borked, then exit and load it in again (without changing anything), is it still borked?
And, are those other images used elsewhere in the condo? If they are do they get ‘switched’?

If you can think of anything that might make it more likely, that’d be super useful too.

Yeah all the canvases in the Condo get mixed up sometimes (never happened to me so I’m assuming it’s something that rarely happens)

It only happens when you are loading the condo without using the snapshot. I don’t know what happens if you exit and reload it again.

the canvases is getting mixed up as far as I know.

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