[] [Garden] The drums can Fail to Bounce on High Ping Servers (Hosted Servers on Low-End PCs)

this is a bug. This is a bug. This is a bug.
Please fix it. Please fix it. Please fix it.
Thanks. Love you guys. Bye

it would have been best to put the title in the post, and give a shortened version of the post for the title

If you want it to be taken seriously it does.


I still don’t understand how a long, descriptive title makes my bug report unserious. I mean, the whole point is not forcing people to open the thread and waste time when they can easily read the title.

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They take this as more of a shitpost


I made the title not a paragraph long 4 errybudy


you are our hero

Did you have to react to a small mistake like that?

No, not really. Just got angry you edited the title without asking me first and without a proper reason (I still don’t understand how the long title made my post “unserious” when all it did was not forcing people to open the damn thing). I won’t edit the title back as I don’t wish to continue this argument, but I’d like to hear your explanation. Not because I’m angry, but because I’m curious what lead you to doing it. That’s all.