[] Minigolf Garden Hole 8 - Struck in Gong

Happened here [ Hot Fix] Garden Hole 8 Stuck Behind Gong

I was doing first stoke to 1st gong then come the 2nd stroke, i tried to hit the ball to the right side of the 2nd gong and then somehow the ball bounce ‘near’ the gong (not sure if it hit directly or slip to the side) and then i got struck.

The picture links seem to be broken.

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i have updated the link, the forum’s image uploader seems to bugged out

This has been known for a very long time.

Does your comment helpful? I’m just trying to show that there’s a problem. If the dev think they already solved it, then this is the proof that what they are doing is not fixing the problem. If the dev are fixing this problem, they maybe have more info into this issue.

Your comment saying “this has been known for a very long time” contradicts from what i search this forum. I found one topic and I also linked that. Sorry for that I’m new here and doesn’t know everything like you do.

What he is getting at is that we know of the issue. No idea when the fix will come out as its not a priority at the moment.

I’m showing that this is a known bug.