[] Can't click "Cash out" from Double or Nothing

Hello I’m Rollychan from Thailand.

 I am representative members from Thailand community.

A member in group her steam name “Fongogi” can’t click and got money “Cash out” from Double or Nothing.

and Video preview


Thank you

The video is private at the moment, i can’t view it.

Now not private

you can see!!

Are you pressing the space bar to try and use the cashout button? Because that does not work

Incase you aren’t you need to press e on the cashout button to cash out.
Since space just interact with the increase double or nothing button.

in this video used mouse!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v92dhbkyIao

You have to click with the mouse button on the cash out button. There is no keyboard key for it.

do you possibly have the casino action set to left mouse? because if you have the action button set to the mouse, then even actually clicking cash out will only keep playing, and not cash out.