[] VAC bans are broken

When joining an official server with a VAC ban from Tower Unite, instead of being kicked you just sit on this screen (seen bellow). It isn’t a crash, since the flags at the bottom right are still animated.


I should also mention that you can’t create game sessions, like starting a singleplayer condo or other gamemodes.

Don’t get VAC banned.


ok sorry for trying to help you :wink:


Why did you even try.


Why did you try to join when you’re vac banned.

to see if they knew how to properly implement vac bans, guess not tho lol

There is a case of a error message for VAC Bans, that obviously didn’t fire.

If I had to guess, the reason it won’t allow you to create single player servers or game world servers is because it’s going to be running a VAC Secured server, which because you are VAC banned, can’t happen.

Anyway, the first time I joined a server after receiving a ban, it displayed something like “Your connection has been closed”, but after that it didn’t display. Starting a singleplayer game or gameworld server would display “Failed to start session” or something along those lines.

EDIT: Here are the messages.

Now it’s starting to display this message upon joining.

When you attempt to start a game.

I don’t really like people cheating and people with attitude.


lol ok


So did you get banned in csgo or what? Not sure what’s going on in this thread
Edit: If you got banned from TU tho then of course you can’t connect

The error was that the server didn’t give Nommiin the kick reason “VAC Check Failed _”.

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Attitude aside, yeah, there probably should be a specific error message for VAC bans (if there isn’t one already). Just so people who are VAC banned in the future don’t come on the forums asking why they can’t connect.

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And just to clarify, I wasn’t asking why I couldn’t connect. I was simply reporting a bug.
(not saying my previous responses were okay, either)


I wasn’t trying to say you were, my apologies for insinuating that. I’ll edit my post to clarify.