[] Low FPS

So I updated to last night and the updates are giving me lag. I get about 7 FPS on the main menu and 8 FPS in-game. Changing my graphics settings doesn’t help and I cant join any servers (it just goes to the main menu right as I join). I used to get a minimum of 60 FPS in the plaza.

8GB Ram

Even if he’s not a mod that doesn’t mean he can’t [quote=“macdguy, post:1, topic:4855”] help us manage our community together [/quote]

Why is that so large?

Can you pop a couple chill pills for me?

We’re actively looking into FPS issues. It’s not an easy task, as this is the first time we’ve ever had full servers to test this sort of stuff.


We’re looking into optimization issues.

Please calm down when conducting business on our forums.

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