[] Extremely Low FPS at all time since latest update

Since the new update I get 6fps on official servers and 12 fps on singleplayer Condos.

Before the update I was well over 100fps in both scenarios. My computer is a high end gaming rig with updated drivers etc so it is not a computer/hardware issue on my end.

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This is a known issue, we have tons of optimizations left to do. We’ve also never had this many players on the same servers to ever be able to test this. We’ll look into it.

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There are no LOD models for players right

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The FPS issues for me already start in main menu, is that also normal?

I don’t think so. That would definitely effect frame rate for a lower end PC.

The players fade out at a distance and the player models are not entirely the source of the frame drops. The tris are stored in VRAM and the skin weight/animation is GPU based (Zak told me this). Basically, even when the players are visually culled they still take up CPU so we’re investigating the issue.


Interesting, is this something that happens in UE4 in general, or is this just tower experiencing this issue?

It’s hard to tell. Atm they should be looking at how players affect cpu times in a profiler. Maybe a few blueprint or C++ classes are performance heavy. Whatever the issue is, they’ll figure it out for sure.

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My fps issue appears to be gone, even the main menu is hitting 200 fps today.

I have a lower end PC, but for some reason I’ve gotten a way better FPS count than before the update, although I haven’t gotten into any of the official servers due to an unrelated bug.