[] Alpine still unplayable

I have everything on low with res scale turned down to 60 and it’s still below 30 fps.

What are your system specs? What resolution are you running at?

I can play most game worlds at 30+ fps when it’s not set to low. My specs aren’t the problem I don’t think. My resolution is 1680x1050, which is my native monitor res.

And your specs?

Runs pretty bad for me still, here are my specs.

Why do you have such a good CPU but a cheapo GPU? Yeah the map needs optimization but it’s time to upgrade your GPU aswell.

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I’m upgrading my GPU as soon as the new Polaris cards come out this summer.

My GPU can handle GTA V at high settings at a reasonable high framerate so it’s not that bad. The reason for getting it was that it was cheap, PC parts over here in Sweden is expensive.

Thing is, you can’t get the full benefit from that CPU.

From what I can see and what other people are reporting Tower Unite uses mostly GPU power, so it shouldn’t make a huge difference.

Exactly, the GPU is the problem.

If he reports that he can play GTAV at high, then it’s definitely the code that is the problem. Not the GPU.

I’ve understood GTA V is CPU-heavy

GTA V is also a different engine. And it’s meant for consoles.

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The lag with Alpine may be due to the GPU particles, but I have reduced them significantly in Other than having no particles and possibly no trees, I’m not sure what the issue is at this point.

Oh well, I appreciate your efforts. I’m gonna have to wait until the GTX 1070 is out.

Would it be possible to use more of the CPU power for Tower Unite or is changing such things out of your guys reach with the Unreal Engine?

is the lighting baked?

Yes. Ue4 uses Lightmass. A tool that precomputes lighting and global illumination. It takes ages to build ue4 levels mainly because of this tool.

there have been times where lighting wasn’t baked

Those were for the closed alpha only. We are now a game on Steam. We do not ship maps without lighting being built.

So to answer your question: yes, the lighting is baked.