[] Verifying Integrity of game cache resets the condo

So yeah, that happened. I was experiencing crashes with the game so I decided to verify the cache of the game. After it was done I was going to finish what I was working on in my condo, to my surprise, everything was in my inventory and I had to rebuild and replace everything. It was quite annoying, should the game do this? I do realise that the condo is stored on the client side. I already rebuilt my condo, I just wanna alert others before they do the same thing. Other than that unfortunate issue, the game is still a blast.

If you go into your Steamapps folder, then common --> Tower Unite --> Tower --> SavedData, there is a file called Condo.dat. This file holds all the data to the layout of your current condo. You can save this somewhere to back up your condo if needed. I have not yet verified the integrity of Tower Unite, so I can’t say if the problem you had happens all the time or if it is a unique problem.

Just like @Arkive86 said.

I would recommend saving this somewhere before verifying integrity of game cache.

But something that concerns me is if sharing this file with another person could cause duplicating condos among multiple people? If that is possible that it.

I found this out after, it’s a little too late. But verifying the cache shouldn’t reset everything

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I’m guessing the reason why it resets is because Steam notices that the file has been modified and differs from the default Condo.dat file when the game is first installed, so it automatically thinks something might be wrong with the file. This results in Steam redownloading a new clean Condo.dat file, which replaces the old one.

It should be possible to fix this issue somehow, but I’m not a Steamworks developer so I’m not sure how it works.

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They should move the Condo.dat to Documents or AppData with the rest of the config files and such. Better yet, move the setting files to Documents as well.