[] Minigolf Map Overlapping the Course

Its exactly what it sounds like, here are some pictures.

You could look where you were shooting while clipping through the ground by zooming in a lot and adjusting the camera, but you know. Also got stuck on a peg in the plinko drop. I have more pictures from different holes in the same course, but I can only put one in because I’m a new user.

Hope this helps!


More images!

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Last one.

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… I haven’t seen anything like this before.

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Were other people in the game having the same issue?

I think this is because a quality setting is too low, but I don’t know.

Some setting goes overboard with simplifying the terrain it seems :astonished:

they should check on their low res terrain mesh i guess.

I run the game on the lowest settings and this has never happened to me

This only happened to me once, and I’m not sure if anyone else was having this issue.

I’ve experienced this with all full settings on every graphic setting, so it’s not low graphics causing this.