[] Headgear hidden in mirror

Quite a simple and easy to explain bug.
When looking in the mirror in first person, the image of you in the mirror has no headgear, but when you zoom out it regains headgear.
The cause is simple, the headgear is hidden in first person because otherwise you would be blinded by your headgear, and the mirror image is most likely connected to your headgear and hides itself too, and when it becomes visible again in third person, it does so in the mirror too.
I hope this little bug is patched out soon.

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I don’t get it. Some hats (like cat ears) work fine, but others just disappear.
Anyway, I think they should focus on more important things, this doesn’t NEED to be fixed right now.

You’ll notice that they also don’t cast shadows, this is because they aren’t rendered in the first person view
it’s like how source engine doesn’t render a playermodel for yourself in first person (minus reflections), instead you’re a pair of arms

Thank you for reporting this bug. I was able to reproduce this bug and I’ve added it to my list of reported bugs