[ - VIRUS] Chair & Adrenaline Exploit

So, just played my second game of virus today and came across a player teaching other players how to exploit virus, and never lose. The way it worked, is that the player would run at the clump of chairs in the lobby, using adrenaline. This would inevitably let the player stand ontop of the chairs, untouchable by infected. Obviously, this was frustrating as I kept watching them do this over & over, winning each round with ease. Anyways, I just wanted to share this because this needs to be fixed asap. thank you for reading.

[Images Below]


i have never been more frustrated

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Me and my friend were in the game with the exact same guy you see there and two others and it was so frustrating because we had to wait for the timer to run out like every single round

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There were 3 people exploiting this in a game I just had. This frustrates to no end!
You shouldn’t be able to climb on to the reception desk. That would at least block one way to get there.
Or increase the hitscan height for the infected.

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