[] Multiple Bugs in EA found by a Party of People

I read the rules for posting here, but I have so many bugs to report (and I made sure all of them weren’t previously reported) that I think the mods would get more mad over 21 individual threads than one thread with 21 bug reports.

Bugs my friends and I have I found in version []:

  1. All Shotgun type weapons in Virus appear in a player’s head rather than their hands. The rest of the weapons work fine.
  2. The animation of teleporting from the plaza to the game hub plays twice before finally moving the player.
  3. Planet Panic can not be started from a Plaza server. It goes to choose a map where there are no options to choose from and then gets stuck saying “Waiting for host…” (Attempted this with multiple hosts)
  4. The previews for courses in Minigolf sometimes do not play and leave the player unable to putt until the time when the cutscene would normally finish.
  5. The game re-downloads the “Microsoft VC Redist Package” every time it is opened.
  6. Canvases will always be placed upside-down and it is very tedious to get them to face right side up. They sometimes even orientate diagonally. They can not be rotated via the scroll-wheel.
  7. The wall perpendicular to the bathtub and the bathroom ceiling can not have their colors/textures changed.
  8. Every time a wall/item goes to have its color changed, the color resets to white. (Really annoying when trying to identify a color used previously)
  9. I understand the models are placeholders, but the male model is much glossier in most lighting than the female model or milk carton.
  10. Jetpacks are finicky in condos, when you first join your condo you must re-equip your Jetpack and then after that point a dupilcate Jetpack appears over the beach. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/272840673710352232/63DD3166DA2571080E9E0E187E568124FACA617D/
  11. Jetpacks do not show up in the bathroom mirror in first-person, however return in third-person.
  12. You must re-equip all your cosmetics upon entering your condo.
  13. In the train station, if you equip a small potion, then a normal potion, you will fall through the map.
  14. Condo Day/Night settings don’t save.
  15. In Virus, if you have an ammo amount above three digits, the first digit does not show. (Ex: 120 ammo shows as 20)
  16. Alt-tabbing in and out of the game causes the resolution to change drastically.
  17. Entering and leaving your condo can cause you to come back to an error message. (Either “Server is full” or “Lost Connection to Host”)
  18. Level 8 of Memories in Ball Race is most likely impossible. I have yet to see anyone complete it, as you do not gain enough momentum to complete the loop at the end of the stage.
  19. In Virus, the Weapons list at the top of the screen when scrolling will sometimes become invisible.
  20. Planet Panic’s HUD occasionally shows a different player’s health and orbs rather than your own.
  21. Important: You can’t buy an item(s) that exactly matches the amount of units you have.

All really nice to note but some of these already have a post and the Devs would really appreciate it if you post these in their own post.

As they said in a Guidelines post.

Hope this helped. :slight_smile:

I made sure that none of these have been posted previously, almost two hours of work.
Also, I don’t think the devs would appreciate 21 seperate posts by the same person in the same timeframe.

I posted all of this in the main post as well.

Ok sorry for the misconception. I think that every bug post gets a separate Trello board link that’s why I said that.

Sorry. :neutral_face:

Yeah, it’s alright man. If I came off as rude, I didn’t try to be. I knew that this post might not get enough attention due to its poorly written name, but I put a lot of time into finding these and trying to make sure they weren’t posted already. I just want TU to be the best it can be. :slight_smile:

I am currently working on seeing if all of these are still in .

After a couple hours of playing TU, I can confirm all 21 bugs are still in Except for the ones mentioned below:

10 - Has gotten better this update, however upon joining the condo you still have to un-equip and re-equip the Jetpack. The floating beach jetpack is gone though.

18 - The level isn’t impossible, I was just doing it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

The other 19 bugs are still in version though.