Zombie Massacre Mutator Suggestions

Mutators may still be a fair ways off, but I’ve got a few ideas for potential ones.

Dead Zone
A single hit is all it takes.
Enemies and Players die in one hit (with an exception for bosses). Inspired by Hotline Miami.

Till Death Do Us Part
Even when death is inevitable, people have a habit of fighting to the bitter end.
Endless mode! The zombies slowly get faster and more powerful, and spawn rates slowly shift to favor more powerful enemies. This is still co-op, as you can revive your buddies.

Guns 4 Hire
Prove your weapon proficiency by grabbing a new one after every kill!
Every time you get a kill, you get a new weapon (not sure if it should have infinite ammo or should run out, forcing you to return to your default). Weapons do not drop anymore.

A Pretty Bad Week
Each day is another boss fight, can you survive them all?
Only use if multiple bosses are created. It’s simply a boss rush; every round is a new boss rather than the usual structure.

Massacre On Ice
Everything’s slipperier than before. Did everyone strap ice to their shoes or something?

Huh, this feels familiar… You know how you press a direction and are immediately sprinting at full speed that way? With this mutator, it takes a bit of time to get up to speed and change your direction. This’ll make getting away from enemies a bit more difficult, though they aren’t free from the effects either.

Eyes Forward
Full panoramic vision is for mutants, not survivors.
Adds thick fog everywhere you aren’t looking. Now you can’t rely on the top-down view giving you all the info you need.

Tourist Trap
Those convenient abilities you had are no more.
Replaces all role options with the “Tourist,” a class with no special or combo abilities. The lack of abilities leaves everyone to rely solely on gunplay.

Check Your Fire
Bullets don’t normally phase through your buddies, so we fixed that.
Friendly fire! All weapons can now damage your buddies. Teamwork is now more essential than ever.

That’s all I’ve got. Feel free to vote anonymously below and/or use the much less anonymous vote button at the top.

  • I’d love to see some of these mutators!
  • Mutators like these would be nice.
  • I can’t say I’m for or against these.
  • I’d prefer not to have mutators like these.
  • Most of these mutators would ruin the game!

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I’d love to see ALL these mutators, they all sound challenging and fun!


Agreed, these mutators both fit the game perfectly and add some fun to the game!


Almost all of these are great, but I’d rework the Dead Zone mode. One hit kills on enemies would be too easy.

Arsenal Mix-Up
Uh… I’ve got no Idea how this happened
Zombies get Guns, and are very bad at using them. However, they’re still guns.
The only Weapons Survivors get access to are Melee weapons.


@Cyann3, that would be interesting!

Explosive Touch Any zombie that touches you explodes instead of slashing you.


Saturday Night at the Laserlight show - Because who doesn’t like lasers? - A 6 day round of ZM where all the zombies are hard to kill but every player gets an Egon cannon with double ammo. Weapon pickups are replaced with energy orbs to recharge the Egon.


Party Like It’s 1399
I smite thee, foul undead beasts!
Unbreakable Medieval Sword only. No gun drops, special items or combo powers. Bosses take 5% less damage. (seriously, hit the queen with a sword, it does more damage than even the spas12)


Hungry Hungry Zombies
Zombies movement, attack speed, damage, and health are doubled.

No Man Left Behind
Unable to self revive, must be revived by a fellow teammate.

(More of a coop mutator… or a hardcore solo game xD)

Succumb to the plauge
Slowly lose health and must find must a random dropped temporary antidote to slow the infection down.

Once you die, you’re dead for the round.

Quick Getaway
Helicopter lands whether all zombies are dead (again) or not for only 3-5 seconds

(Or it just lands for 3 seconds once all zombies are dead…idk I’m just coming up with random ideas rn)

Chuck Norris
Every zombie is one shot with any weapon


Bloody Nightmare: Every enemy is a vampire.
Arachnophobia: Every enemy is a spider. 2x the enemies since they’re not all that tough.
Time Flies in Hell: Half the time for each round, twice the zombos!
This may take a while: Twice the time for each round.
Doctors are overrated: Health slowly regenerates when you aren’t being hit. You regenerate faster when at lower health. Health doesn’t regenerate at all when you’re in a web.
Face to Face: All melee weapons. You start with a bat that can be used infinitely, all dropped weapons are melee.

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Extermination: Instead of a timer, you have a specific amount of zombies you have to kill.
Desperado: No Upgrades or Abilities. You only have a Six-Shooter revolver, and a Knife. Your Six-Shooter only has six shots, which it regens after 6 kills. Knife kills count towards this. Regular Zombies Only.
Rationing: Damage and Ammo Upgrades Disabled, No Abilities. At the start of every day, a certain amount of weapons spawn. Zombies no Longer drop guns.


No Upgrades: Inspired by a challenge run. No upgrades. None.

Committed: You can’t change classes. Once you pick it, that’s it.

Basic Challenge: Combined of previous. Helicopter takes you straight to the next level.

No rest: Helicopter does not restore your health/lives but you keep your weapons.

Advanced Challange: Combined of previous. Helicopter won’t spawn. Complete the entire game in 1 go.

Spice of Life: Reduces class limit to 1.

The Last of our Kind: Players cannot join once the game has started.

Ultimate Challenge: Combines all of the previous. Good luck.

Up close and Personal: Can only use melee weapons. Starter is a very short range pocket knife.

Minecraft Zombies: Enemies will deal damage the instant they touch you, rather than swinging.

Sticky Situation: Getting hit slows you down for a moment.

Escort Mission: An NPC spawns somewhere on the map and simulates an AFK player.

Fatigued: Slows fire rate as you continually fire.

Combo: Weapons deal far less damage, but damage increase with each consecutive hit. Reset on miss.

Aim Assist: Near misses will hit at the cost of damage. Great for those with bad controls or connections.

Packrat: You can collect another weapon, but you are now slower.

Speed Demon: You forfeit your secondary weapon, but move faster.

Bloodthirsty: Restore from kills, but lose health over time.

Bring it on!: Increases spawn rate dramatically.

Lunging Strike: Melee swings get replaced with a forward lunge. Mobility at the cost of horizontal range.

Spinning Strike: Melee swings last longer and root you to the floor but will attack around you.

Nasty B.O.: Draws aggro far more easily from enemies, and can take aggro from players not using this.

Camper: You gain a very large health pool and defense bonus but can’t move when your trap is active.

Trap/Combo Purist: Reduce the cooldown of either your trap or combo ability while losing the other.

Tricky Traps/Combos: Traps or Combos will no longer deal damage but instead apply a debilitating effect. For example the black hole would only pull in enemies, not kill them. Camera flash would stun instead of kill.

Virus Surplus: Reward for an impressive feat in Virus. Replaces your starter with the Pistol, Silencer, Tommy and Double Barrel respectively. Same damage and fire rate of unmodified starters.

Ball Race Shield: Reward for an impressive feat in Ball Race. Replaces your Survivor shield with a capsule. Cosmetic.

Crusader Model: Reward for an impressive feat in Little Crusaders. Replaces your playermodel with the Knight, color relates to the class you pick.

Dragon Slayer: Your gambling addiction has unlocked the chance to trip with every button you press. Smashing.


Wrong Mode
This is your Last Chance.
Spawn with multiple weapons, there are fewer zombies with more health, no lives, instadeath on contact with a zombie, which are all burning in a distinct green flame.

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Wow Good job, this must have taken a while!

The upgrades should be endless as well, for infinite progression, maybe the range of your turret would become insane eventually, something silly like that

Prices would rise at the same speed as usual, but the money dropped would also increase slightly by the day.

Maybe movement speed would cap at like 300% because it would be op past that, you could run past zombies before they could even see you.

Another thing they could do is to add prefixes to zombies to make mini - bosses, like “The undying” where the zombie will come back a few times before its real death. Or maybe " The quick" where the zombies movement speed is 2x or maybe even 3x so you have to kill it soon or it will kill you.

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The Director: PvP mode; one player views the map from above, and places zombies around the map to overwhelm the survivors

(stolen from Plasma off the discord)


Can’t WAIT for when mutators get added to ZM- since it’s in SDNL now- so we can have ones like these all here. REALLY eyeing the challenge ideas (such as Omeha_Haxors), as well as Endless Modes. I would love to be able to solo challenge myself with those, and also do an Endless. Heck, I do those first 2 solo already.