Zombie Massacre? More like,



I don’t get it.


Zombie Massacre kinda feels like Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, and Hotline Miami put in a blender.


well then it would be the remains of left 4 dead, killing floor, and hotline miami


Not hating on the gameworld, I just think this is a funny meme
EDIT: can I add “& Knuckles”, or would that be too off-topic?


go ahead
and while you’re at it add featuring dante from the devil may cry series


Eh, I tried, but it feels a bit too bloated with the “& Knuckles” logo. Plus, Sonic isn’t even a top-down shooter (unless I missed some awesome spinoff, hit me up if that’s the case)
EDIT: oh god don’t bring up Shadow the Hedgehog the game


You brought it up.


y’know what’s cooler than that? this