Zombie-Apocalypse themed Condo

My idea is that It would be a Medium-Sized Condo with some wall fencing around the yard. The house would look Abandoned, and the sky would always be Orange, if not a bit dark.

What do you think of this suggestion?

I would personally love a standard city condo similar to the Apartments level of No Mercy (Left 4 Dead) but without the destruction. It could include the roof, a few apartment units, the alley + street out front, and a small lobby.

If the destruction was left out, you could customize your own debris and stuff (we’d just need more FX nodes).

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If you get to the floor of the highrise condo, you could turn that into something like this concept.

Imagine playing something like Virus or Zombie Massacre in a No Mercy themed map. If condo gamemodes were a thing, that’d make this whole thing pretty neat.