ZM webs do not reset on spider boss level

Saw someone talk about it here but can’t respond

I solo ZM a lot (because when I go public people always quit midway thru and I’ll be at half/quarter power). And doing the final round can take 2 or 3 tries. The webs do not reset. It’s such a pain when you’re already having a challenge and then you have it start off even harder. The more you try, the more webs are there. I’ve tried spending rounds intending to die just trying to eat them all up, but it doesn’t matter, the spider spits out too many for one person to handle (especially when it continues to spit after you die).

Also the spider takes a second to show up. It’ll just POP in after about 10 seconds.


Yeah this is a big issue
I joined Agent soloing the boss over and over on village until someone joined and 90% of the map was cobwebs, it felt unplayable with them all


Cobwebs need to be reduced significantly. They’re a pain to play around and they linger for so long.

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