Youtuber in-game branded apparel

I think it would be quite amazing to wear apparel designed to support our favorite YouTube gaming channels.

If this idea gets approved, perhaps one of the devs can make a forum post where we can say which popular channels we want to be supported in TU?

Why not just have a customizable shirt that can have logos added to it?


True, but what if a lot of people want the same shirt? Unless you can sell your design for units.

If a lot of people want the same shirt, then they should just get the decal and apply it to the shirt.

Oh yeah. I was thinking custom-made shirt textures. I don’t know where my mind is today.

It happens to the best of us.

Heaving a function to add emoji and logos from a library to your shirt would work.


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@Cakemagic, I believe you’re correct sir :joy:

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This looks like a good idea for the Workshop community.

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Since the image import tool is already done, I assume that doing custom logo T-Shirts wouldn’t be that hard, yet would have to go through the adult-filter as well.

Dunno how Unreal takes care of decals over materials, but can’t be that hard compared to canvas, can it?

Well we don’t need to worry about custom stuff. We can just throw in that we want, Logos, emojis, and famous quotes. And the staff wants, then they will buy a pack of famous logos and emojis, also make some of their own emoji and put em all in one folder for a library program to list. After all that its just a simple task of using a menu to put on stickers on your shirt. Of course you gotta design such a function and menu.