Your Elevator: Source floor (A fun suggestion)

My Elevator Source floor will be an encounter with Flowey the Flower, who want to meet you, until it’s kill or be killed. …Until Toriel saves you from Flowey’s friendliness pellets.

A floor where everything is made if cheese

Im sorry but i don’t think we can put an elevator on the moon.

a floor thats literally the moon but with cheese

That’s just the moon.

do you have a suggestion then nerd

An elevator floor that is the inside of the door in the tunnel that Doesen’t look like anything to me.

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A floor located in the corridor of death.
The door opens showing the large open area showing meteors falling from the heavens while the map music is playing.


Or just a floor where everything is a grand blue ocean while the elevator stops on a ship that is in the middle of the sea, then you can listen to the calm winds and seagulls.

And since im a nerd, why not a floor that is inside a computer.

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An underwater floor.

Taco bell

Pirates of the pancreas. A whole floor dedicated to a great ride. It’s very fun you should try it or else

A floor where you can see the battle between Solid Snake and Hatsune Miku.

a floor that is a white blank room, with a single podium, on that podium, place a retro television.

A floor where they maintain the elevator cabins, with other groups of passengers standing around

A floor that is a bathroom, with spaghetti coming out of the toilet, making a big spaghetti mess


The Unit Vault - Feel free to take anything that isn’t bolted down.