You should add a gamemode similar to TTT!

I absolutely love TTT, and I absolutely love this game! If there was a way you could implement TTT into Tower Unite I would probably die, then go to Tower Unite (heaven) 8) pl0x add dis itz gud ideaz yuz?

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While this certainly sounds like an alright gamemode, I feel it wouldn’t be too interesting. Most of the gamemodes on TU are supposed to be quick and high-octane. Minigolf is the only departure from that we have, which stands alone as a nice breather. TTT is often very boring and slow, with not much action. It’s sometimes a crawl. Also, we already have 2 first person shooters, with another shooter being top-down. It’s also possible Panic at Horror Hill is going to be First Person as well. I don’t really like the base concept for TU anyway. This is a no for me. Why not just, go play TTT or Murder.


I completely agree. But you could implement TTT yourself once Modding is a thing


If you want to play TTT why can’t you play it on Gmod?

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Exactly. We don’t need ttt. Its like saying why don’t you make a deathrun gamemode (which by the way can work and would look dope in unreal engine) downside to that is 1. Its kinda similar to ballrace 2. It isn’t an original idea 3. When you play a server on gmod most people play for maybe an hour in a specific game type. With short rounds and frequently ending games I don’t see how this could be fun. Gmod game types are like nicotine, you need to keep playing but once you take a break you get cancer. And that’s what will happen if this is implemented we would get cancer.

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we need a canvas gamemode
where if you put in an image url it makes a game out f it? yeah we need that


how is ttt in any way close to ballrace
same question if you meant deathrun

I believe he meant Deathrun, but either way makes no sense. In ball race, there is skill within how you traverse and handle the obstacles before you. In Deathrun it’s more how shitty and impulsive your killers’ reflexes are and how many runners there are to throw to the wind of traps.

Another reason against this suggestion is that people would have to choose one version to play. Gmod or TU. Guess which one is essentially free? And is the original, and has a huge map library, so on and so forth. While SOME people may enjoy it, it’s very simple and boring and not worth the time usually invested in making a Gameworld.


I just got the joke.


bike joke

Why do we need ballrace if you can play Super Monkey Ball instead :stuck_out_tongue:

They are both canvasses ii i mean they are both like obstacle courses ball race and deathrun it’s like saying lets add super monkey ball but with more canvasses. What purpose would that serve.

That isn’t even close to what I was saying.

I was joking. Do you see dat smiley?

TL;DR never stop playing ballrace, you will get cancer

I’m good thanks. That’s a gmod thing. Keep it there.

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True, I will just see how everything else unfolds :smiley: