You know what is not fair

I play everday and spend my units on things people see, but when events come around people that play like once a month take all my units and things that are meant dor real players, I think people that play the game more often should get it easier to find stuff during the events. I mean these people dont even use their units because nobody sees their condo when they dont play!




okay on momentary reflection, I think I may need to explain.

Nobody deserves a one-up on someone else purely because of their playtime. This is a social game, remember? It’s not really about what you do with the units, but the journey along the way.

There isn’t really a reason why a new player doesn’t deserve the jackpot over someone who’s been grinding for literally years- it’s rng.

There isn’t really a reason why someone should earn more units than a less frequent player, because that’d be unfair.

Players shouldn’t feel pressured into playing more just to earn more units, because they might not be able to.

Anyway, just my take.


When you roll the dice more, you are more likely to get your desired result. Players who play the game more often are already more likely to find stuff simply because they have “rolled the dice” more times. I have to agree with Terry here, there’s just not a good reason to reward people who play more often over people who play less often. Everyone’s a player, and we all paid the same entry fee.

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I just really hate updates, especially this awful one

How is this update in any way awful?

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Because of the players that join and fill the lobbies that barely play the gaem

I’d rather see people who have never touched TU fill the lobbies than be unable to play; they paid their due, they deserve a chance to experience the game just as much as anyone else. Let them indulge while their interest is high rather than wall them off. Filled servers just indicate that there’s interest for TU beyond active and veteran players (even if the spike is just a temporary anomaly). Besides, the server count isn’t final; if the servers remain continually full, it can be expected that more servers would open up. Otherwise, the servers will gradually empty as the update hype wanes. In either case, active players won’t have trouble getting on after waiting a small bit.


Gatekeeping much? Getting a step over people because they have less hours than you is a great way to get people to not play the game.


Jinko, don’t be an ass.

Thats my job.

This update is fantastic, there’s all this new stuff, and I’m finally able to look like something that’s not a Justin Beiber clone.

Stop being salty when shit doesn’t go the way you like. Sure yeah, it sucks when you don’t win a jackpot, but do you see anyone else whining about it on the forums? No.

Just chill out dude.


I’m actually one of the people that only play the game when there’s a frequent update.

I have twice as many hours as jinko :slight_smile:


Why would you not want people to play the game? Don’t you want people to see your creations? It’s not like any of the new events are hard to get items from even with a full server, you should at least be able to get 5-10 buried treasure each time.

“real players”
Yeah, no. Everyone who plays even if for a short period deserves to be treated equally. A lot of people who come back and check the game each update probably have invested a fair amount of time into the game in the past anyway. There’s a lot of people who believe this game can be amazing and eagerly await each update, just because they don’t play daily doesn’t make them less than you mate.

Edited bcos greentext doesn’t work ;-;

wait so the burried treasure is not a thing you can just do whenever you feel like it?
>also you can do greentext

none of the new items are locked behind events.
which is fair enough i’d see slightly where jinko was coming from if they were locked behind RNG random events.

cough event coins suggestion that was made available cough :wink:

I know they aren’t, and they aren’t hugely profitable either. I’m just saying even if he does care about getting items it isn’t even difficult to get the free items from events.

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yeah it doesn’t help the servers weren’t workin too well on release

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Yes I do

Yeah but you are atleast active in the game devolpment and on the forums

Im sorry what

It’s Jinko what did you expect

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I NEED new players to play the game or else I cant flex with my paper crown.