You guys really outdid yourself with Resort


Not only was there an update earlier this week, But they’ve now brought back Lobby one, and holy shit is it amazing.
This Condo is Everything I could have asked for, and more.
I’ve not managed to buy it yet, As I don’t have enough units, but God dammit i will grind for them and it will be worth it.
Thank you, Pixeltail.


I second this. I nearly cried when I walked around for the first time. All the memories in those specific places with all the old friends, and it’s all coming back now. The out-of-map easter eggs like the moon and the hidden office, the teleporters, the transit station, the pool… I feel like I’m home again.


I thought i was weird for nearly crying while the nostalgia came flooding back
Glad to see I’m not alone.


Can’t wait to play it


I must confess that I never played the original GMod Tower, but even as essentially a stranger to that kind of nostalgia I’m amazed by the Resort.

It’s huge. My partner bought it as soon as it was released and we explored it together (although they have played GMod Tower previously). It’s essentially like a miniature lobby!

It’s so large and detailed and beautiful. I personally would find the task of decorating such a condo to be utterly daunting, but I’m excited to see what other players come up with in theirs!