You ever just put a little too much effort into something

idk how many of y’all will get this joke since idk how many of you play dragonrope


People who bother to design custom content for canvases are impressive
People with custom rules signs, menus, things like that. I really appreciate that sorta thing


don’t understand why you’d make a rules sign for your condo
don’t see the point of it plus it’s a little immersion breaking imo but idk

dude what? wtf kinda immersion are you getting in tower unite. a rules board for YOUR condo is perfectly reasonable. the point of it is to assign rules to your condo.

also that’s a cool vending machine. I’m familiar with Donganrinpa but not enough to know who that is haha.

idk man
why’d you’d even need rules for your condo?
there’s probably some perfectly legitimate reason for it but i don’t know

also, the joke is this character’s name is Kazuichi Soda

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Holy jesus, when I opened this I thought I was on r/danganronpa for a second
Nice work @Cyann3, good to see I’m not the only DR fan here

EDIT: Found it on r/danganronpa too, gave it an upvote

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