Yes, It is me, Blockdude (Gt)

I’m back from the GMT forums to give everyone love, most of that love will directed TU. So how is life? Awful I presume, now if you excuse me I’m off to pray/Masterbate to the UNCHARTED 4 gods while ranting about how sexy TU is on G+. Just kidding no one uses Google +, I’m out, this thread was something, if not useless, I love games, I love you all, TT is better than the Life is Strange Devs. Etc. Sad. You get the gist sonny, Etc. Goodbye

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Welcome back to the crazy world of the forums

Welcome to TU

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

b-but i use g+ :’(

Well your profile is of a pony so that makes you no one… and this reply is getting flagged for me saying that…

Yes, Spriteclad is less of a human because he likes a cartoon.
Fantastic and flawless reasoning.


you shouldn’t judge anyone by their avatar, just saying! :wink: