XP Leaderboard

While yes the xp system is used for milestones. One thing that doesn’t help the xp system is that it is endless and that you can continously gain xp. There is no reward other than your own depression setting in that you spent hundreds of hours grinding one gamemode for xp that doesn’t give you any thing back in reward.

So why can’t an XP leaderboard be a thing cause the only way to see of the top people in XP is to use the Catsack Discord Bot. But you can’t use it for everyone as to even use it on someone there games need to public and there steam profile needs to be public. So an global XP system would be nice.

PS: The reason I asking for this is so I can see how much XP I need to grind to catch to Kitoko In Ballrace XP

nice flex But yeah, this would be nice.


gameworld catsacks will be awarded every X amount of xp, I think that should be good enough. If this leaderboard is added then I’d like to be able to opt out of it

Ok Dan stop flexing