XANA's 1 Million Unit Condo (WIP)

So this is a small preview of whats to come for the condo expansions i’ve been saving up for. As you can see, I recently finished the wooden dock foundation and began the sky deck construction before I ran out of money. I am planning a scenic ocean area to the east (viewing out from the condo) and a wooden ship to the west and another smaller secret area behind the west area.

More to come.


Taking that bird view of the condo for future reference, thank you very much :innocent:

Here’s some more images of the main room (which is also WIP) and the theater in the basement (which is done):

The wooden roof seen above will be removed either when is here (for roof options) or as a sky light option so bar patrons can look up and see the sky tower towering above them.


Tower Unite with high settings makes the game look so much better, aaaghhh

Hey there, small update. The boxing seating infrastructure is in the middle of being built. Here’s a preview.

Until I ran out of money again.


Your first three images seem to be 404ing, by the way. Might want to reupload them if they’re still saved.

I reuploaded them in the OP post.

Seating and stadium is mostly done. Needs red/blue corner identifiers and more lighting and need to do something with the four corners.


This entire condo needs to be rebuilt thanks to grid snapping.

… let’s start with the dock!


Okay, now this won’t do at all. I was able to align the floor of the sky tower correctly - but grid snapping does not actually make it easier to set the walls up correctly.

ADDENDUM: I’ll have to come back to sky tower later. I’ll wait until they implement glass and see if they have a fix for wall alignment later.


Progress on the resort dock behind the stadium. I was originally thinking of moving the stadium but this might be appropriate here.

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