Wrong Form of "Its" In the Early Access Steam Description

I made an account because this bugged me so much. In the Early Access Game drop-down box, detailing the game’s early access phase, the wrong form of “its” is used three times.

“Our game is unique due to it’s diverse, varying gameplay”

“Since it’s inception, Tower Unite has been all about the players”
“Our game has always depended on it’s fans”

I heard you guys are looking to expand your team; maybe you guys could hire a hungry editor cat, hmm? :kissing_cat:
Also, there’s this janky quotation mark here –

Anything you guys can do about that, or is that just Steam being weird with its autoformatting? Also, I tried to also use puush links for the “it’s” samples, but the forums don’t allow. That’s fair, though, and frankly a good idea.


That quotation mark just wants to go away on its own, living a free life… not being told where to stand.


That seems a bit petty, considering how many bugs and optimization fixes they are trying to deal with round-the-clock at the moment.

It’s on the very face of their Steam store page. I’d argue that it’s pretty important. Besides, it really doesn’t matter that they have a lot of other stuff to do – unless Steam has some arbitrary roadblocks for editing the text, it should take about a minute.
In addition, I posted this before the open alpha, so I’m sure that they didn’t have as many reports to work on then anyway.

shouldn’t this be in bug reports?!? xD :joy:

Eh, still seems rather petty to me. But that’s your opinion, I respect it. If it bugs you, it bugs you.