Wow, it's been quite some time

It’s gonna be awhile before I know what’s all new, anyone up for some groupin?


Holy shit. 2013?!?!

I would join you but its 11pm here so im off to bed

Yup, I gotta wait awhile to download the game resources anywy (CSS and TF2 and all that, unless I can find a way to download them without having to download the entire games)

Hopefully you’re not seeing a whole bunch of errors in the map, if you are, goto MacDguy’s steam profile & subscribe to all the Lobby 2 content.

Things that are new I can think of ontop of my head:

  • New Hats & PlayerModels
  • Moving wondering merchant
  • Casino now has Texas Holdem’ & video Poker
  • Dueling Arena has its own building with a new dueling map
  • We now have a nightclub
  • New maps were added to minigolf including “Moon” by Nyro & “Forest” by madmijk & myself
  • New condo layouts w/ an owner panel inside
  • There’s an easter egg in the lobby that is a button & every like 10 seconds of pressing it you get 1 gmc
  • New maps for Ballrace, can’t remember the names because havn’t played it in a while
  • I’ll just go ahead & say new maps for gamemodes…

& that’s all I can think of right off my head, there’s more though.

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Alternatively… Steam Community :: Error

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Yup, I have it all, I’m assuming it’s only cause I don’t have TF2 or CSS installed since it depends on it for some textures.

Yeah you need tf2, and CSS. & for it to mount, you need to launch the game at least once.

Yup, already doing so, wish it would be a more simple way, downloading 12GB of games that I don’t play anymore is a hassle though

At least Tower Unite won’t have a bit of that hassle. :wink: