Would you like to see Sweet Tooth in Accelerate?

This topic is indeed super early, however I find it fitting since Sweet Tooth was just released in Mini-Golf. So how many of you would enjoy seeing it in Accelerate in the future?


That would be… cool, why not?
Why not have Sandbar there too?


This sounds like a really good idea, and I would like this to be added to Accelerate!
Just another map to make me hungry, lol.

I want Accelerate to be the racing gameworld that reuses the exact themes from other gameworlds, as that would be amazing! Imagine, you could race through the scenery of all of your favourite maps… there wouldn’t be a shortage of Accelerate maps too because there are so many themes used in other gameworlds. Accelerate could be considered sort of a “mashup” gameworld in terms of map themes.

Sweet Tooth is one of many themes for an Accelerate map that would work, in my opinion.


For sure, many of the mini golf courses naturally work well in Accelerate! I don’t have much knowledge of the other game modes but I’m sure some of those maps would fit well too. It would also help create more content without having to make (as many) new assets.

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sounds familiar


Shh, commercial property, sssssshhhhhhh
For legal purposes let’s just say that landscape is largly chocolate, whereas in Sweet Tooth it’s largely ice cream. :yum:

Yes we need this


I like the idea. I’ll definitely have to make it as difficult and hair pullingly frustrating as I made Sweet Tooth.


Same as i want memories in minigolf

Crossover maps!
How hasn’t this been though of already? Yes please!