Worst Video Game Clichés Ever!

Let’s find some of the worst video game clichés ever, pointed out by the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons Game.


There are plenty of worst video game clichés everywhere on the Internet.

For example, The Comic Book Guy pointed out that the Double Jump is the worst video game clichés, thus tooking all the humor from himself. So you have to be creative.


Double Jump
“Oh, a double jump. That’s real original.”

Lost Abilities
“Good luck getting your stuff back, because you’ll never enjoy this game.”

Leaving Punishment
“That’s not Jumanji anymore. If you leave a game to make dinner or take a shower, you’ll be punished.”

Vote Kicking Abuse
“If you wanted to join a random game with other people that are already casting a vote against you, then you’re not gonna like this game.”

The "Blue Spiny Shell" Gimmick
“Every kart racing game will end your friendship if you find yourself in first place.”

Yellow paint sucks. It’s okay if you need it as an accessibility option but it shouldn’t be forced onto players who want to use their brain.

In a similar vein, an overreliance on quest markers to tell you where to go. It’s gotten to the point where the game literally will only tell you where to go based on a marker.
Older games would point you into the right direction with good map design, and npc dialogue giving you directions. It just feels immersion breaking when I’m looking at a yellow triangle on my minimap more than I am the actual environment.

Here’s a humorous line from a cliches you’re suggesting.

Yellow Paint
“If the Simpsons really have yellow skin, then gamers should blame the developers.”