Worldwide jackpot?

Maybe like a one day special even kinda thing, all servers feed into the jackpot, imagine the catsack unboxings.

5 minutes later
Server Crashed:
Jackpot counter reached an uncountable number:
Integer Overflow


Integer Overflow would take a long while of people having really good luck. I only heard of Gangnam Style having caused the problem for YouTube views so far. So sorry if I ruined a cheap joke but the risk you could have been serious was too high.

This would add up to an absurd amount of units. The max bet input on WOM was decreased for a reason

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I’d only be for this if the jackpot is, for example, divided among the players based on how much they spun. It’s not how normal casino jackpots work, but it’s also an event so why would it be?

Are you sure you know what an integer overflow is?