World's Second TI:CR

My cheese vegetable farm to lick farts in the moon’s rubber chicken that eats cheese hamburgers gurgle ferret egg legs animal heels xylophone chump update leaf moon new google very search doge egg fry nine out gear an pleb

Also, this sure is related to that thread

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how did you do that wow that is amazing man congradulations man im proud of you great moves im proud of you you should get an oscar man thats mazing i cant believe you did it im proud of you man congratulations man i great job dude thats awesome dude im proud of you great moves man that reall good thats like wow your amazing i wish i was you never stop trying dont give up dont let anyone tell you otherwise okay? okay??? alright just keep doing you stuff man and don’t stop being you because you is the best thing you’ll ever be man don’t give up i believe you can win more oscars than leonardo dicaprio okay all you have to beat is 1 not 2 just 1 okay think you can handle that because that seems like the sort of thing you can handle for the rest of you life maybe 3 oscars or 5 maybe 7 or 6 it’s okay as long as you get 1 i will be proud of you son do this for me man i don’t want you failing on me already at your wedding they will give you like 5 oscars and at your funeral you casket will be made out of melted oscars.

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