Workshop Update (


[ul][li]“Fixed slot machines being really dark in the Casino” has been checked off on the “Bug Fixes” checklist.[/li][/ul]


Living lobby or Workshop alone would make this patch a game changer, but both along with lots of small refinements and polish is going to make this update insane. Everytime I see any new improvements for Virus I am pumped. If all goes as planned this is going to be the update of the century.


I, for one, welcome our new anime schoolgirl overlords.


[ul][li]“Potion icons now actually have different colors and a label” has been checked off on the “Changes” checklist.[/li][/ul]

Change potions icons to be more informative


i think the numbers should be removed on the icons imo


I think they look too cartoony and clash with the game’s overall style (look at the plaza and all the other items)


I agree


[ul][li]“Fixed physics items respawning higher than where they were originally placed” has been checked off on the “Bug Fixes” checklist.[/li][/ul]


Honestly, I think it should be the other way around; remove the letters (T for tiny or tall? It’s not obvious at a glance) and make the numbers center stage (though maybe change them to show the proper scale, like x0.25 instead of -x3). I also agree that the overall icons should be less cartoony, though having different colors for the different sizes was a good decision.




I think they should put the number on a label thats on the potion rather than slap it on the image.


silhouttes of people that change for each potion???
just a thought instead of the letters


I’d been messing around with that idea as a concept but I think the icons may be too small for it to work well.

Maybe someone actually good at art can make it work. I also tried changing the x3 text to icons but I think the text is a lot more legible.


alrighty i got to admit, the arrows are a real good idea
maybe put the arrows on the potion bottle?
or make the size of the potion bottle smaller or bigger based on the effect (big bottle of big potion, tiny bottle for tiny potion)


[ul][li]“Initial release of basic” has been checked off on the “Changes” checklist.[/li][/ul]


I mean it’d probably look better on a cartoon bottle? rather than the 3D model, it doesn’t look too bad, but the arrows are a good idea


[ul][li]“You can now sort server search results by player count, map name, ping, or current round” has been checked off on the “Changes” checklist.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]“Added finer rotation if you are holding down the walk key while rotating an item” has been checked off on the “Changes” checklist.[/li][/ul]


This should help a lot of people! Just make sure it’s a known feature, lest people unknowingly try to work without it.