Workshop spawned props can't be removed or interacted with

This is a reoccurring bug I have now stumbled upon twice and how ever many more times. When I have spawned workshop props in my condo they usually work 99% of the time, however twice now I have encountered a bug where in which the spawned object cannot be removed or deleted and is now stuck suspended in my condo.

These items are:
Cinnamon roll: by ∆ Delt ∆
Sambuca: by Seth

I really enjoy the building aspect of this game and I really hope this issue can be resolved and to hopefully warn others not to spawn these props if they enjoy the building aspect like myself.

Also if anyone knows of a way in which you can remove these props please let me know.


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If you hold tab in-condo, you can access the item finder, which lets you locate and stash items even if you can’t select them manually.


I see what you mean, I didn’t realize that it had a separate menu with all the prop listings, thank you so much, the problem has been fixed.

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It’s an issue with the system that calculates hitboxes. It happens with hollow models