Workshop playermodels will not load and possibly will crash the game

I don’t know if this has been reported already but I will post anyways
Some playermodels from the workshop wont load and instead will show the pre-load model.

But this is not the worst part, if you try to examine the player details the game will crash
I recorded a video of myself doing that.

However I did experience this issue in the past more than once with some other friends and alone and sometimes even without examining the model there’s a chance the game will crash for everyone who is around this player including the player themselves.
It may or may not crash its like a 50/50 chance but I thought I should make report this bug anyways because maybe it can be fixed.

Hey, sorry for the late response. It looks like this is related to one of the workshop issues I’ve been knee deep in the past month, namely when the model no longer exists or is banned. The system should handle this case better now, if you’re still having this issue after the next update please let us know. Thanks!

This also happens to a private model.