Workshop Model(s) Textures Missing

Upon the most recent update being pushed any playermodel from workshop would show up pure white with no textures.

Steps to Reproduce

Activate or Enable High Quality Shaders and load a playermodel from workshop, best examples are below & named.

What I expected to happen

Textures of Workshop model to be shown.

What happened

No textures on Workshop based playermodels are shown when High Quality shaders are enabled.

Notes / Media

This only occurs on the client’s models, models on other players load fine by the looks of it.

This playermodel is supposed to be the 0.6 Crash Window for UE but instead it’s purely white with no texture. This does also occur when using other models.

Tower Unite Update 0.6

GMT - MacDGuy

devs know about it, they’ll fix it soon!

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This is now fixed.

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