Workshop maps and payouts

When custom maps are added to the steam workshop, will there be a system in place to prevent people from making maps where you walk forwards and earn 400+ units?

If so, will it function similarly to Geometry Dash where select moderators can submit maps to be able to earn units on? I think the system in place for Geometry Dash works, but it would require either a) developers to rate levels alone, or b) a new team of moderators to be able to either manually approve levels or submit them to developers so that they can approve it.

I’d imagine in this case that a system similar to the first Killing Floor would work the best, where you could play on any map but you’d only earn EXP on maps the developers whitelisted manually. Seems like the optimal solution to me, at least.


There’s this Mario Maker-esque game (I don’t remember the name) where you earn coins for completing other people’s levels that are in a daily showcase and you can use those coins to promote your own map. This might work and also motivate people to make good quality maps

I think it’s be cool if there was a “Weekly Featured” category of workshop maps that are quality, vetted by devs maps that would (for the week they are featured) allow the player to earn units and for the map maker to earn 5% or so of what players earn from it. That’d entice people to make quality maps and be creative so their maps can be featured, and earn from it in return.

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This really depends on how workshop maps will work. If it’s an ingame editor then I think a “Weekly Featured” category would work, but if we need to make the level in a 3rd party program then it would take arguably longer and will take more effort to make which in turn would have less levels that could even potentially be in the category

From my understanding of what they’ve said on Discord, the plan is to have a dedicated in-game editor that’d work similarly to how condos are built.