Workshop item visability range slider

I have a museum in the resort condo. It’s over 1100 items now, many of which are from the workshop.

Initially textures were fine, but now the game will not rise the texture above low when it’s set to ultra due to the decrease In frame rate likely from rendering all objects simultaneously.

If workshop items have a slider variable for view distance we could set items so that they are only viable when needed and thus reduce strain and optimise out condos better than a hard set value.

I haven’t seen this suggested or mentioned elsewhere and thought it prudent to mention given that my condo is approaching its upper limit. Waiting for models to load in is better than suffering hugely reduce texture sampling.

I have so many many other game optimising ideas that I wish to share but do Devs ever chat on public discords/plazas occasionally? Really love this game and want to see it grow, so every little helps.

This is something we’re planning. Currently workshop models have no bounds being set, so they’re very unoptimized. We’re working on a bounds creator right now.


You guys are awesome, thanks.