Workshop Editor Lighting

An option in the Workshop editor to change the lighting would be really helpful for testing emissive material settings, since then there’d be no need to upload the model just to see if you piled on too much glow or not.
Additionally, an unrelated feature: the option to set offsets on an item-by-item basis would be good to have, instead of the “One size fits all” approach it has at the moment.

That is a good idea!

I can work on that.


Sorry for the massive bump, but I just wanted to bump this since the workshop editor’s lighting makes it really hard to see how strong the shaders on models look most of the time, for example:

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Possibly to solve this, there could be a few different scene lighting presets to switch between.
Default - What’s currently implemented
Spot Light - two spotlights are placed in front of and behind (to the sides, not along the Y axis) the model. This would help accent the object’s materials.
Studio Lighting - Multiple lights around the object with differing colours / warmth to accent the materials.

I think one thing that would also be cool is if you could hold alt or something and it’ll move the light around with your mouse.

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