Workshop Contests

Would be fun for workshop contests to be in the game, users can enter a fully rendered screenshot of their submissions with all their PBR workflow in Unreal to show it works for a chance for it to be added to the game. With rules and a T&C stating users made the item themselves with screenshots proving they made/own everything.

As much as I love the workshop, not being able to apply metal or normal maps, worrying about the potential lag of too many Steam Workshop items, and having your item buried in the depths of the pages isn’t the most motivating when it comes to making things, when I really want to give it my all and put time in to sculpting a nice bake for items.

Users who enter and win could have different prizes such as Units, a unique Not in Stores trophy for winning the contest for their condos, have their name added to a Wall of Fame of sorts, and be credited in the item description.

The workshop community is huge in this game, and after everything Pixel Tail has done to give us, users adding official items to the game would feel like such a rewarding experience. I am curious what other 3D modellers and the Devs have to say on this idea!

holy shit, this sounds like a great idea