Workshop cache automatic expiry period

It would be nice if the workshop and canvas caches could have an optional rolling expiry period eg 1 month. Any items last accessed outside the period would be deleted. (your own items aren’t checked and are never deleted unless you manually clear cache)

“your items” means workshop items you uploaded, you are subscribed to, you liked, or are currently placed in any of your condos, or canvases in any of your condos. none of these ever get deleted unless they stop being “your items” or you manually clear cache.
“last accessed” means the last time your game loaded the item (to display as someone’s model or load as a prop). This way anyone you’ve seen recently or any condo you’ve visited recently won’t have to have models redownloaded.
The time period should be chosen by the user and could be a maximum of “1 year” minimum “24 hours” or “never expire”.